Israeli Street Food

The shuk is an outdoor marketplace filled with shops (bastas) featuring the freshest of produce, exotic spices and middle eastern versions of foods from around the world. our Israeli street food is a melting pot of flavors as warm and inviting as the country itself. enjoy…bitayavon

Pita and Plates

Sabra Plate $10.5

A bed of tahini, with a selection of roasted eggplant, matbucha (spicy tomato), grilled onion, fresh herbs and arugula served with fried pita strips seasoned with za’atar

Falafel Bites $6.5

8 falafels served with tahini

Falafel Pita $8.5

6 falafel on a pita topped with hummus, Israeli salad, pickled red cabbage and drizzled with tahini

Veggie Shawarma Pita $8.5

Shawarma seasoned tofu, hummus, parsley, red onion and sumac salad, served inside a pita and drizzled with tahini.

Sabich Pita $8.5

Roasted eggplant, hummus, Israeli salad, sliced boiled egg and “amba” pickled mango sauce served inside a pita and drizzled with tahini.

TLV Toast $12.5

Toasted sandwich of feta cheese, roasted eggplant, mozzarella cheese and basil pesto served on a baguette. served with choice of house salad or fries.

Shakshuka Toast $12.5

Toasted sandwich of matbucha, mozzarella cheese, schug, kalamata olives and a sliced boiled egg served on a baguette. served with choice of house salad or fries.

Hummus Basta

In Israel, hummus isn’t a dip, it’s a food group. you can enjoy it as an appetizer or eat it Israeli-style: as a meal, topped with almost anything.

Simply Hummus $6.5

Authentic homemade Israeli-style hummus drizzled with olive oil and paprika

Hummus With Tahini $8.5

Hummus With Grilled Mushrooms $8.5

Hummus With Chickpeas $8.5

Shuk-Style Hummus $12.5

Authentic Israeli-style hummus topped with grilled mushrooms, a boiled egg and falafel.


Israeli Chocolate Balls (3 Pieces) $5

Crumbled tea cookies mixed with chocolate ganache, then rolled in coconut.

Sabra Icebox Cake $6.5

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie $2


French Fries $4

Spicy Fries $5

House Salad $6

Israeli Salad $6