Israeli Street Food

V*=Can easily be made vegan with a few small modifications

Simply Hummus V $8.50
Hummus drizzled in olive oil and garnished with paprika. Comes with 2 pitas.

Celebration Plate V* $12.50
Served with hummus, grilled mushrooms a boiled egg, falafels, and 2 pitas. (Can be made vegan by removing the egg.)

Falafel Pita  V $7.50
A pita stuffed with hummus, falafels, Israeli salad, red cabbage salad and tahini.

TLV Panini $9.50
Feta cheese, eggplant, mozzarella cheese, basil and pesto grilled to perfection.

Shakshuka Panini   $9.50
Matbucha, mozzarella, schug, kalamata olives and a hard boiled egg grilled to perfection.